Villerd/Ayler Quartet

“Because I’m a tenor saxophonist, there are three major works in the history of jazz : “The everywhere calypso” by Sonny Rollins, “Sophisticated Lady” by Shepp and “Summertime” rendition by Albert Ayler.
Albert Ayler invented a new way of playing the tenor sax, devoid of compromises or concesions, with an irresistible sound, solid and yet flexible, which comes from the bottom of his soul, from the very source of breath and inspiration. It was for him “god’s voice come forth to re-establish peace and spirituality on Earth, to make people better”. He wanted to play “a new music which beauty no one had heard before”.
Ayler’s tour-de-force has been to create a whole new vocabulary to express his feeling.
Nowadays, when meaning gives way to consensus, when ideology gets weaker and weaker, I would like to take the opportunity of this show to follow into the steps of Albert Ayler. I want to make audible a voice both subversive and sealed by love and generosity. Music has the power to magnify our souls ; for us, it will be passionate and sincere, strongly anchored in the future.
May this quartet be worthy of Ayler’s virtuosity. We’ll play his “spiritual unity”, his “ghost” and his “outgoing truth”. This is ‘our prayer”.
Guy Villerd .

  • Thierry Cousin (sound)
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  • Villerd / Ayler quartet
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