Création pour trombones et percussions d'eau

Trombones & aquatic percussions : Création 2012/13
Creation Arfi / Association Booloosai. In partnership of Institut Français , City of Lyon, Région Rhône-Alpes and SPEDIDAM. In collaboration with Institut Français of Cameroun.

The trio of trombones BOMONSTRE proposes this original and adventurous project : collaboration with aquatic percussionists of Cameroon. The Duo MEKUTUK use the technique which bears the same name for making music with the water in which they are immersed. The beautiful simplicity of this aquatic percussion invites the ‘amphibious’ trombones to invent a new form, festive, wild, sensual, meditative.

  • Catherine Laval (Costumes)
  • Fabrice Charles (Trombone)
  • Loïs-Géraldine Zongo (Percussion aquatique)
  • Odile Barlier-Tellitocci (Percussion aquatique)
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