Nanouk of the North

Movie-concert on the Robert Flaherty’ documentary film (1922), with the band ” Baron Samedi”.

For all public from 6, 1h16

“Nanook of the North” tells about an Eskimo family living near the Hudson Bay. Struggling for life, always moving from places to others, fishing, hunting the seals. The audience shares their everyday life in the Northern Canada.
That film, which is a landmark in the birth of the documentary genre, had a tragic destiny : it had to be shot twice (the 10 000 meters of the film were burnt after only a few projections !) and then has waited for about 10 years before getting successful through various versions.


Film of Robert FLAHERTY (USA), 1922

Collectif Arfi - ciné-concert nanouk l'esquimau
  • Bernard Gousset (sound)
  • Jean-Luc Peilhon (harmonica, clarinettes, arc sibérien, gimbardes, flûtes)

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