Actuel Remix #01 : Metropolis

Electro-movie-concert, full version restaured (1927-2010)

Original music: ACTUEL REMIX (remix of Ritchie Hawtin and Iannis Xenakis)

Duration : 2h32

On the occasion of the recent release of the restored full-length version of Metropolis, Guy Villerd and Xavier Garcia had the idea of confronting the universe of their own project with that of Fritz Lang. ACTUEL REMIX touches on a fusion of genres remixing music from so-called contemporary composers with the leading lights of the electro scene, not only for the pleasure of confronting two styles of today’s music, but also to break down the reputedly watertight boundaries between techno and contemporary music. This cine-concert is a meeting of two worlds; the rich modernity and the raw, even violent ‘Xenakis material’, admirably serves the expressionist style of the film, and the rhythmically pulsating and pure world of Richie Hawtin, the vital pulse of the soundtrack.

By Fritz Lang with Alfred Abel, Gustav Fröhlich, Brigitte Helm, Rudolf Klein-Rogge. Screenplay by Thea von Harbou.
Germany – 1927 – 2h33 – B&W. In an immense megapolis of the third millennium, the workers are a caste of slaves relegated to living in an underground city, while a privileged elite live in a paradisiacal world of idleness. Freder, the son of the city leader, falls in love with Maria, a young woman from the catacombs… A gigantic and visionary fresco of the silent era, Metropolis is the culmination of the German expressionist movement and also a pinnacle of silent film. Continuing the pessimistic tone of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Fritz Lang increases its scope to embrace architectural and social order. He would claim “Metropolis was born the first time I glanced at the skyscrapers of New York in October 1924.”
This version was presented at Berlin in 1927 but then underwent cuts by Paramount in order to facilitate its exploitation. The amputated scenes were considered lost until a full version was found in the Buenos Aires cinema museum, creating a wave of excitement amongst movie lovers.

CREATION janvier 2012 à l’Institut Lumière / Lyon
In collaboration with Institut Lumière and mk2.

Collectif Arfi - Metropolis
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