Les Hommes… maintenant !

Theatrical Concert

The most recent creation from “La Marmite Infernale” (ARFI’s grand orchestra), with the collaboration of stage director Jean-Paul Delore, C. Laval (wardrobe designer) and F. Besson (lighting). An ARFI / Th. Renaissance co-production.
They advance, they halt, they move around the stage. These are men. Sometimes they talk amongst themselves. These are the men from ARFI. Their characters are portrayed by their costumes. They are knights of their instruments. An eccentric army of ten thousand pins. They march, they come and go, moving back and forth and in all directions. As they enter they seize the spotlight, juggling their music amongst them. They’re kind, funny, unified, cruel, jealous, naive… they are Les Hommes… maintenant. A series of living pictures, sketches of a most musical life. Musicians that are so very human, musicians so very alive.

“ La Marmite’s music is just as beautiful here as anywhere else, skilfully mixing it’s sources through the original expression of precision in freedom, rhythms and sounds which are theirs alone and which today make them one of the most exciting big bands there is.” M. Gillot

Creation nov. 2015 au Théâtre de la Renaissance (Oullins – 69)

  • Eric Brochard (bass, electric bass, voice)
  • Thierry Cousin (sound)
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