A surrealistic cine-oratorio.
A Film of Alexandre Medvedkine (1934).

>> Creation : July 2011 – Festival Off Avignon.
In coproduction with collectif Inouï, l’AJMI and Cinéma Utopia (2011).

“Happiness” by Alexandre Medvedkine, masterpiece of soviet silent cinema, is a remarkable social painting as well as a critical comedy on Russian society. In 1932, Medvedkine invents the “cine-train”, a mobile production unit that leads him to cross all the USSR. With his camera, he then undertakes a genuine social study among the workmen and peasants, but also an amazingly strong artistic work.
That process, between creation and documentary, historical memory and cinematographic performance, is so revolutionary, innovative and relevant, that it has influenced many committed directors for a long time.
Creating a cine-concert with “Happiness” is an exciting adventure for several reasons. First of all, for artistic reason: to relate musically the inventiveness and modernity of a very special film. “Happiness” also questions us about the limit between political and artistic commitment, between militating and creating. These are paths that many have trodden before us, Medvedkine, Chris Marker and others, and that we want to carry on.
The creation of “Happiness” will be – in the end – the occasion of another premiere: the meeting of two artistic teams, six musicians coming from two collectives among the most inventive. With a special “happy” guest, a furiously free electron, singer and saxophone player Ted Milton.

  • Nicolas Lelièvre (Batterie)
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