La Souplesse de la baleine

Musical theater

for all public from 3, 55mn

A conductor, a sonic alchemist, gets to work to extract sounds from a jumble of found and original objects. From this musical and visual fantasy are born a series of mini-scenes, put together by the deputy off-the-wall handyman. A hodgepodge of mechanical animals appears, turned into characters in a play, a would-be sailor, giant creatures, a virtuoso dancer, etc….
This ode to recycling climaxes with a triumphant ‘toy symphony’ and the construction of a genuine pyramid of automatons and the appearance of a four-legged human hybrid… The flexibility of the whale is an invitation for old and young alike to dive into a burlesque musical world.

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Conception and writing :
Alfred Spirli et Jean Marc François

> Creation 2013

  • Adèle Ogier (creation of sets)
  • Claude Couffin (Lightshow.)

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