Koko le clown

Cine-concert, The Fleischer brothers

For all public from 6, duration 46min

The Fleischer brothers (Max the producer, Dave the director) have created many stars of the animated cinema: Popeye, Betty Boop, Superman, and also, Koko the clown, who became famous during the 20s. Funny, magical, sometimes nonsensical, watching “Koko” again today, makes you see the extraordinary freedom the brothers used to take when drawing cartoons, practicing surrealism without even knowing the word.
Bolcato and Villerd mix acoustic and electronic music, telling little musical stories, sometimes interrupted with songs or texts, and finally an apparition of Miss gorgeous Betty Boop!

In collaboration with Gebeka Films et Lobster Films. 

Collectif Arfi - koko le clown
  • Thierry Cousin (sound)
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