Kif kif

With ‘’Les deux moitiés de la pomme’’ (both halves of the apple), Alain Gibert offers a second ‘’autobiophonic’’ record. In the first one, ‘’Chariot d’or’’, he had surrounded himself with Louis Sclavis, Bruno Chevillon and Jean-Louis Matinier. Today here is a new and still more intimate purpose, since he only plays with his son Clement and sings in old provincial dialects. Though he still arranges a few airs from traditional music (Lou pintou, Belle de Saint-Jean), the eager-to-compose musician could not prevent from performing more unexpected themes, such as ‘Pannonica’ (Thelonius Monk) or ‘Stabat Mater’ (Vivaldi). Some of the pieces were written by Clement, and brought a softness whereas deepness to the aesthetic. That duet, humourously named ‘Kif Kif’, is organically original (one could say it was naturally selected !). Though their stage performance jokes fade a little into the recording, remains the warmth of the sound, the accurateness of the music, without missing the text included inside the jacket, whose author is named Martin (just guess his surname).
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(‘Kif Kif’ means ‘it’s all the same’, or ‘its 6 of one and half a dozen of the other’)

Alain Gibert :: trombone
Clément Gibert :: clarinettes
DISCO’ARFI :La descendance de l’homme
(Cd AM048 – 2010)
Les deux moitiés de la pomme
(Cd AM034 – 2004)
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