Villerd/Ayler Project II

“The joy, the enthusiasm and the generous welcome from audiences when we performed our first work (Villerd/Ayler Quartet) mean that I know for sure that the music of Albert Ayler is universal and wonderful to play and to share. With this new experimental group, I put together a band that will be able to maximise the energy, generosity and poetry of this fantastically inventive spirit. This new performance will feature our passionate playing of tunes such as Angels, Bells, Spirits, Holy family, Omega, and many others. Ayler invented a new world of music, where themes from New Orleans, military marches and western national anthems are the driving force behind the breath, the exaltation, the desire to communicate joy and love through music. Albert Ayler believed his music to be joyous, simple and easy… and it is, obviously”. G. Villerd

  • Bernard Santacruz (contrebasse)
  • Quentin Rollet (sax sopranino)

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