Le Workshop de Lyon

Half century tour - 2017 » new project + guests

Since its foundation in 1967, the Workshop de Lyon has sung, invented, revisited, scrambled, thundered, destroyed, reconstructed, de-boned, innovated, explored… and improvised their music. Dozens of songs, hundreds of concerts, tours in all corners of the globe, musical encounters, long-lasting or episodic projects and records.

In 2017 – let’s bellow it from the rooftops as loud as we can – the Workshop de Lyon will buy us a round, with its founding members, occasional members, replacements, newcomers or guests and all potential participants to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this extraordinary group.

Collectif Arfi - Workshop mi-centaire
  • Fred Roudet (trumpet, fluegelhorn)
  • Thierry Cousin (sound)
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