Actuel Remix #03 : Ensemble Modern Live Remix

> Premiere 9 February 2017, at the Frankfurter Positionen festival (Frankfurt – Germany)

The Actuel Remix duo revisits the most important pieces of contemporary music, re-mixing them with the work of some current big names of electro music. After the first opus #01 Metropolis (remix of the music of Iannis Xenakis with that of Richie Hawtin in the film by Fritz Lang), the group has been working on the oeuvre of Heiner Goebbels, mixing it with the music of Paco Osuna and Plastikman (#02 Heiner Goebbels remix). The new project features the Ensemble Modern, the famous German contemporary music orchestra. Five musicians from the ensemble have come up with compositions that Actuel Remix sample and remix with the electronic music of several emblematic figures from the techno-trance scene (Mr Oizo, Thomas Schumacher, Fat Boy Slim…).


  • Dietmar Wiesner (flute, compositions)
  • Giorgos Panagioditis (violin)
  • Johannes Schwarz (bassoon, contrabassoon)
  • Michael M.Kasper (cello)
  • Rainer Römer (percussions, compositions)

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