inDOLPHYlity is a new band within collective ARFI. The first show has been organized in November 2019 (Djazz Nevers Festival, France).

In February 1962, Eric Dolphy took advantage of a vacant studio to record Out to Lunch in half a day with a few musicians. He then went on a tour in Europe with the Mingus quintet, and died the same year in June, before this repertoire could be performed live in public.

The compositions of this record and its architecture are not shaped within the jazzistic criteria in force at the time ; neither is ARFI’s music.

Working on Eric Dolphy’s music nowadays is consistent with the idea of a style connection between this unparalleled musician and more contemporary ways of playing music.

We have chosen to recreate the musical ensemble of the famous Out to Lunch record. Therefore the music will know the joys of stage and the warmth of concerts, maliciously respecting the orchestration of the disc to play these joyous and confusing melodies, to hear the music grow in rearrangements and bloom in improvisation.

Some compositions of the band in the spirit of Eric Dolphy’s work mingle with the original pieces to create a new repertoire, between faithful tribute and deliberate infidelity.

Discographie sélective :
  • (Français) inDOLPHYlités (AM069 - 2020)
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  • (Français) inDOLPHYlités - Teaser