Dîtes 33

Entomolo Vox

the new repertoire of “Dites 33”
Their new repertoire “Entomolo vox” draws its inspiration in several ways from the highly sounding universe of the insects. One counts nowadays more than one milion species of insects, and most of them amaze us about the loudness of their chirp, compared to the size of their body. Their stridulations and vibrations are built upon their social and sound organisation, warn them against the dangers, participate in pairing, unite the group thanks to the male choir. The musical writting has invited the songs of our friends, the cicadas, crickets, green grasshoppers, in beautiful spring and summer nights ; the humming of bees, flies and mosquitos, the wing buzzing of a dragonfly, the noises of a anthill, the meals of termites. We won’t go without telling about “The Cicada and the Ant” (La Fontaine), or “The flight of the bumblebee” (Rimsky-Korsakov), also associating some beautiful entomology book illustrations or live sketched drawings.
Cd to be released – summer 2011

  • Jean Mereu (Trumpet)
  • Jean-Luc Peilhon (harmonica, clarinettes, arc sibérien, gimbardes, flûtes)
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