For all public from 6, 1h10

This silent movie (1927), was shot by Meriam C. Cooper et B. Shoedsack through a three year long journey in the Thai jungle. The movie tells about some peasants living in a hunt built on piles, in the middle of their fields, and surrounded by wild animals.
In this natural state, every day is a struggle for life, a deep violence meets an extreme fragility, and an extreme sweetness ; one day, a baby elephant appears in the village : Chang.
The drums, voices and sound effects performed by the musicians intend to express the freshness of the directors’ first purpose in one hand, and to lessen the historical and geographical distances.
When attending this show, the audience crosses a kind of cultural liana bridge between today’s bahaviours and yesterday’s beliefs of a lost paradise.


Film of Meriam C. Cooper, Ersnest B. Schoedsack (USA) :: 1927


Collectif Arfi - ciné-concert Chang
  • Jean-Luc Peilhon (harmonica, clarinettes, arc sibérien, gimbardes, flûtes)
  • Thierry Cousin (sound)

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