La Marmite Infernale

Grand orchestre du collectif

The history of music can’t go without its geography. As ARFI has settled for thirty years in Region Rhone Alps, we could think that our collective can feel close to Hector Berlioz. It is a comparison of another scale, where aesthetics cross the skyline of the mountains, the energy of the river, the desire for large spaces. What if we pay homage to Berlioz, our own way homage (cf. “gloire a no hero” in 1990), by considering him as a traditional musician, whose music was transmitted orally, through memories or testimony gathering, and that we would appropriate the spirit?
We have already met Breton music (« Coeff. 116 » with Bagad Ronsed-Mor, 1997), South African songs (« Sing for Freedom » with Mandela Metropolitan Choir, 2004)… In all that cases, the crossing was incredible, but people we met all admitted that the result was absolutely respectful of the sources that inspired us. Is it possible to board such a ship as Berlioz, while respecting his spirit? We have such a fool project to prove it.

Musical intentions : Arrangements on “Symphonie fantastique”, « Symphonie funebre et triomphale », « l’Enfance du Christ », « les Nuits d’été », youth works, «Chasse a la grosse bete », severa « marches », « Course à l’abime (Faust) »… Little forms, brass, mobile orchestras and large ensemble.

Collectif Arfi - La Marmite Infernale
  • Eric Brochard (bass, electric bass, voice)
  • Jean Mereu (Trumpet)
  • Thierry Cousin (sound)
Discographie sélective :

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