Bobines Mélodies

L'Effet Vapeur joue sur les films d'animation de FOLIMAGE

For all public from 6, 50mn or 1h10

Effet Vapeur Trio is presenting a new movie-concert with some animated short films of the famous Folimage studios ( i.e. ‘’Rainings cats and froggs’’ 2003). The musicians chose about ten short films, some of them unedited, to play their poetical, playful and slicely fanciful music.
Creation in Francheville on the 10th of Februay 2006.

Arfi and Folimage met through their imaginary folklores
To stick some pictured musics on the animated rolls.
The musicians play on stage the musical dreams of the movie heroes.
Moving features, shifting colours, modelling clay models,
Objects of recovery for percussions,
Uppercut, Hyper cut into the sound,
The melody toon-toon multiply
In a thousand circus rings, under the stars of the Cinema.
Come and laugh and cry in our animated films”
Alfred Spirli

WHAT IS Folimage ?
It’s a animation studio, a centre for frame-by-frame creativity where almost anything is possible. It’s a magical place, built up gradually thanks to the will, the talent and the imagination of around a hundred artists and technicians.
It’s a factory crammed with bold ideas, tubes of colour, reasonables computers, pencil leads, sharpeners, light-boxes, friendly cameras, plasticine characters, small movements both tender and sincere, gales of laughter, lots of support, lots of challenges but lots to fall in love with.
The name is recognised all over the world. It is synonymous with an unfailing determination, over almost twenty years, to produce films of quality.
Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Some titLes…
Selected short films : L’Histoire extraordinaire de Madame Veuve Kecskemet (dir. B. Weisz), Amerlock (dir. J.-R. Girerd), Une Bonne journée (dir. M. Bruhn), Ferrailles (dir. L. Pouvaret), La Grande migration (dir. L. Tcherenkov), La Cancion du microsillon (dir. L. Pouvaret), Au Bout du monde (dir. K. Bronzit)…

  • Thierry Cousin (sound)
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