Bobines Mélodies 2

"Melody reels 2" - cine-concert

For all public from 10

After the success of the Bobines Mélodies (Melody Reels), with over 150 shows since its creation in 2006, the trio continues the cine-concert adventure, creating a rich and varied programme for the magnificent film ‘The Old Man and The Sea’, the centrepiece of the show.
The programme includes: ‘Masks’ (J. Boulbès, Lardux films), ‘Mister Cok’ (F. Dion, Papy 3D), ‘Insomnia’ (V. Lescov, RijaFilms/ Latvia), ‘Destiny’ (ESIA Bellecour 3D), ‘The Old Man and The Sea’ (A. Petrov, studios P. Blais/Québec), … as well as some ‘musical fiction’, created live by the musicians.

Creation automne 2015

Arfi Ciné-concert - Le Veil Homme et la mer
  • Thierry Cousin (sound)

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