Avril L’enchanteur

Video-concert around the outsider art of Armand Avril

For all public from 5, 1h00

«Armand Avril is a great multi-facetted artist. I would like to pay my own tribute to the man, an enchanting uncle, and his universe… with a musical and video creation, a percussive and amused dialogue with his work».
M. Boiton

The music will be composed in relation to Avril’s works, creating correspondence rather than illustration: there will be imaginary melodies, rhythmic collages and the acoustic results of working on the density of the sonic instrumental material responding to the pulsating paintings.

The video work will of course be a presentation of some of the more emblematic of the painter’s works and the extraordinary vitality of his art. The images will provide the narrative to the show and offer the public the opportunity to engage ‘dialogue’ with the artist.


COllectif ARFI - Avril l'enchanteur

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