Au-dessus du monde

Bourrée blackboulée !

”Above the world”. Auvergne Imaginée – Collectif Arfi – Cie Noa / V. Mantsoe Music/danse

Coproduction with Auvergne Imaginée. Music, text: A. Ricros. Arrangements: C. Gibert; Choreography: V. Mantsoe; With M. Barbier (trombone), E. Brochard (bass), C. Cognet, (violin), C. Gibert (clarinet), V. Mantsoe (dance), J. Puech (Auvergne bagpipes, vocals), C. Rollet (drums), A. Ricros (recital, vocals).

The musicians of ‘Auvergne Imaginée’ and of Arfi use the style and codes of the ‘bourrée traditionnelle’ as the source material for an inventive music. Vincent Mantsoe, a South-African dancer living in Auvergne, follows a similar path, integrating contemporary choreography with the traditions and rituals handed-down by his family. Rich with his own culture he is naturally at home with these musicians, not by dancing ‘la bourrée’, but by translating into his own gestural language with an incredible energy the essence and spirit of the dance.

In the ‘bourrée auvergnate’ (a regional dance from Auvergne) partners traditionally dance apart, and the dancers, liberated from any constraints, also try to free themselves from gravity. The contact with the ground is both brutal and energetic, lively and fast as if trying to float in the air, remaining above the world.

Collectif Arfi - Au-dessus du monde
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  • Jacques Puech (cabrette, chabretou, voix)
  • Magalie Burdin (son)
  • Michel Barbier (trombone)
  • Vincent Mantsoe (danse, chorégraphie)
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