Arfolia Libra

Arfi meets Aperto Libro

A meeting between an Arfi quartet and a baroque music quartet.
quartet Arfi / Ensemble Aperto Libro
Coproduction Arfi / CCR of Ambronay

During the Renaissance, the musical repertoire, open to improvisation, was subject to a diverse range of reinventions. ArFolia Libra follows in the footsteps of this musical freedom and takes on one of the most famous themes in the history of music, the Folia, which has been passed down through the ages and the continents. A theme which the musicians will develop through several sequences of variations, from the most courteous to the least reverent, a novel series of propositions and appropriations of a music which is waiting to be conquered anew.

“Here we find all the combined practical experience of the members of ARFI, able to combine their voices with those of the Consort Aperto Libro in a perfectly mastered balancing act which explores a dreamlike space, outside of time, outside the worlds and fashions of music. Precious, joyous, playful and fascinating music.”
Thierry GIARD – Culture Jazz

Collectif Arfi - Arfolia libra
  • Aperto Libro : A. Ramage, L. Perret, M. Bertaud, T. Simas Freire (Renaissance recorders, flutes, clarinet, crumhorn, dulcian, cornet, bombard, bagpipes)
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