À la Vie la Mort

painting concert, with « Triumph of the death » P. Bruegel l’Ancien

duration : 1h05

“The Triumph of Death” (1562) is one of the most famous paintings in the world. Its incredible richness, its universal message, the constant rediscovery of its details, its fantasy close to Jerome Bosch, have lead us to have the most foolish dreams, most fearless, but also, to us, most sensible. The creation process was made in a permanent symbiosis between music and picture, influencing one another, structuring one another, to melt both materials to become one single artistic proposition. Finally the painting was transposed to a spectacular dimension, sensible and sensitive.
The music composition and interpretation were told to us by the painting itself; baroque, traditional, contemporary as well as improvised.
The video composition has paid attention to reveal, as a great illustrated book, the strength of the painting and the infinite details. Tiny scenes, characters, landscapes were isolated, to give a complete sight of the canvas’ magnificent profusion.
The pictures are broadcasted on two veils. That disposal gives perspective, sometimes the musicians appear through the screen,  and their presence, thanks to the magic of the lights, becomes surreal and part of the picture.

Created on 23rd April 2010 at Le Petit Faucheux – Tours
Co-production with Le Petit Faucheux (Tours), Le Chantier (Centre for creation of new traditional and world music in Correns) and AmphiOpera inLyon. Courtesy Prado Museum Prado, Madrid. With the support of Spedidam.



  • Collectif Arfi - A la Vie la Mort
  • Bernard Santacruz (contrebasse)
  • Christophe Schaeffer (lumière, scénographie)
  • Jean Mereu (Trumpet)
  • Laurence Bourdin (Vielle à roue)
  • Thierry Cousin (sound)

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