Marie Nachury

(Français) chant

Born November 28, 1986 at 12:55 pm
sagittarius ascending water alignment sun saturn

It is by singing that everything begins.

At the age of 11, she joined a semi-professional choir that propelled her into the arms of Mozart Poulenc and Messian. One day, a man records them with microphones in the Fourvière basilica. The charm operates, she wants to learn.

At the age of 17, she embarked on an audiovisual BTS option at Villefontaine, which propelled her into the arms of punks, intellectual fools and irreverence. She opens her ears and makes her market. Noise, more experimental music come to him like very precious fragments.

At 20, she created her first band that still exists, Brice and his whore, with a very dear friend, the antipodes. They border on bad taste and buffoonery on texts she writes.
She returns to CAE in the Compagnie des Zonzons, where she embraces the techniques of sound, light and video applied to the puppet in a very lively practice, where ingenuity is required.

At the age of 22, she returned to the NTH8 on a permanent contract as a versatile technician.
She meets a crowd of artists, technicians, directors, and discovers the theater today. Sound creations are entrusted to him, companies offer him parallel works.
At the same time, she and several comrades with the association Dur and Doux, a collective of musicians that has been developing ever since, and whose goal is the dissemination, the financing, the production of records for demanding and uncompromising musical projects.
New musical formations where she practices as a singer, drummer, bassist, appear, tours consequent although underground gives him a good baggage of survival. The desire to create multidisciplinary events is obvious, festival concerts are organized around the association in very different places.

At 28, she leaves her CDI to bump into independence.
Today the intermittency has put his saving sword on his shoulders and she navigates between music, acting, concert organization, and pure technique and a desire O how many experiments, always.


– Audiovisual BTS sound option in Villefontaine (2004/2006)
– Lighting and sound of the Zonzons company (2007/2008)
– General Management at NTH8 (2008/2015)

Sound creations:
Urban Ballads / Vincent Bady (2008)
I’m all rambling / company Les Trois-Huits (2008)
Andromaca real / company Les Trois-Huits (2010)
I am a prophet / company the Three-Eight (2009)
Platini-Duras / the company Les Trois-Huits (2013)
Merlin / Fantômas Group (2015-2018)
The Menines / Company Les Trois-Huits (2018)
Modern Hardware / Lectures (2017)
The heat station / Groupe Fantômas (2018)

Actor-Artist on the set:
The melody of things / Clément Vercelletto (2015-2018)
Compagnie Cassandre (2016)
Bouffon / Superstrat internship, Guillaume Bailliart – Cédric Paga (2016)
Merlin / Fantômas Group (2015-2018)
The Plutériens / ARFI (2018)
2 Times You / LZD, little theater form (2019)

One-time light and sound management:
Transformers / Nicolas Ramond (2011)
Mayhem Theater / Géraldine Bénichou (2012)
The children of the century / Antoine Truchi (2013)
Blue-S-Cat / Compagnie Waaldé (creation of a month in Burkina-Faso, 2015)
Fantômas Group since 2015

Musical activities: Since 2007
Brice and her whore / Mercy / Monster
The Plutarians / ARFI (2018)
The Grand Sbam Orchestra (2017) / Ship-World (2016) / Furvent (2019)

Associative activity :
Hard and Soft, Label and Independent Tour of Demanding Music Groups (2008)
ARFI, Association for the Research of an Imaginary Folklore (2019)