Les Plutériens Anticipating Poem-Opera (creation 2019)

Creation Arfi / Spirito – Coproduction Théâtre de la Renaissance, Oullins / Nuits de Fourvière

With the support of Groupe des 20 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and the fund Beaumarchais-SACD

“Les Plutériens” is a three-act Poem-Opera, for orchestra, three main characters and choir.

A rocket takes off from the Earth to escape a disaster.

Its energy is the poetic invention which feeds engines.

Its destination is within reach of imagination…

Their journey will be long and their mission is a one-way recon.

An opera on the edge of jazz, rock, contemporary music and improvisation, created by Arfi and Spirito. Original opera libretto: Charles Pennequin

Composers: Jean Bolcato, Olivier Bost, Clément Gibert, Xavier Garcia, Guillaume Grenard, Guy Villerd

Staging: Guillaume Bailliart Costumes: Coline Galeazzi Dramaturgy: Romain Nicolas