Half-centenary of Workshop de Lyon

Le Workshop de Lyon

(REF. AM063 ARFI / 2017)

“50 years. A day we’d never imagined would come, and now that it does, we can hardly realize it ! Nor did we even wish for it !How could we have foreseen this, and from which moment in the history of the Workshop, that combo whose constantly renewed repertoire has been steadily marking the years ever since 1967, may we pause to look back ?

First “Free jazz workshop”, then “Workshop de Lyon”, described in turn as an “exploratory workshop” adamant on nevertaking safe mainstream musical stances for granted, “virtuosos of the useless”, “a guenine institution” and eventually a “modern classic”, the musicians never had any control upon the tags that were applied to their bountiful existence of live shows, tours, repetitions, encounters.

Steady in their place without being indifferent to the appraisals, forecasts and evaluations offered by fellow musicians, critics and audiences, the unlikely quartet always chose to push forward relentlessly, and demonstrate the earnestness of their music merely by playing it.

They were graced by the support of highly renowned musicians, both french and international, and of extremely diverse audiences.

The band lived through the trial of grieving the passing of one of their founding members, the departure of another, and countless other misadventures, never losing sight of their stubborn intuition that the core remained, thanks to theirsolid grounding : we musicians are animated by the deep-rooted conviction that we still do have more surprises, humour, creation and delight to share between us and with the audience.

We’ve been right, we’ve been lucky, but it’s probably not mere chance.”

Christian Rollet

Co-production Label Arfi and Bisou Records
Distributed by L’autre Distribution and les Allumés du Jazz