Four trombones, four composers, four atmospheres. You could name them “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and add to them “the Misbeliever”. But no Killer in that quartet all made with tubes. Far from the exhibition and what generally justifies it, the virtuosity, those four guys make us listen to the trombone as a state of mind. Funny, improvised, composed, manipulated and sometimes adjusted, the music, that was an evident reason to gather again the band, has melodic and roaring accents, wet and abrasive, official and untidy… You got it, they also happen to random into details.
Following a residence or just coming on their way, the trombone quartet proposes to create in situ sound landscapes, according to natural sites. Music designed for an instant and a space that can also be invented in urban places.


Alain Gibert :: trombone
Etienne Roche
:: trombone
Patrick Charbonnier
:: trombone
Olivier Bost
:: trombone
(prise de son extraits audio : Boris Jollivet
piste 4 : Fabrice Charles (trombone)
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