Jean Aussanaire

alto and soprano sax

Aussanaire’s musical career started with clarinet studies and the Nantes Conservatory and continued with a BA in Musicology in Tours (1984) and studies at the University of Michigan (1988-89), with a pause to teach middle-school music from 1986-88.
His professional career began in 1990 when he founded Cache Cache. The group toured many French and international festivals and clubs, and recorded three cds. He went on to work with Oliver Thémines, Guillame Hazebrouck, actors and wine professionals in Jazz et Pinard, a gastro-musical adventure. Other collaborations have included La Compagnie Eole, Trio Mico Nessim, Compagnie Marouchka (a musical-dance fusion) and MOB.
Aussanaire hasn’t limited himself to just the artistic side of music. He founded, in 1990, the Jazz Région Centre association, and has also organized the Rochecorbon and Belle-Isle en Mer jazz festivals.